Grooming station for hammock and plush cat


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Who says you can’t have it all? With this luxurious plush hammock, your cat can play, lie and scratch all day long! Two sisal scratching posts support the luxurious cat hammock that is sure to be your cat’s new favorite place to nap.  On the sturdy base is a self-stroking brush for your cat to scrub while you’re away. Sturdy bristles are gentle enough to massage your cat while satisfying itchiness and catching fur. Hair loss will be caught in the hairs, making the house cleaner and cleaning quick and easy. Hanging from the hammock is a plush ball for your kitty to fight on when feeling playful. With its lush silver cover and small size, this cat hammock will fit perfectly into any home while providing your loved one with maximum comfort and entertainment.
Recommended weight capacity: up to 18 pounds


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