Toluca Placemat


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Perfect for any pet owner
The Pad is a 3-tier dog toilet perfect for patios and indoors. It’s the perfect solution for boats, RVs, apartments, towers and cold climates. Senior and disabled pet owners, those who can’t take their dogs outside multiple times a day, will love
The top is made of an artificial antimicrobial turf specially designed to let liquid through. The special antimicrobial blend helps fight odors, creating a safer, cleaner environment for pets. The knitted backing allows instant drainage of the turf itself. A grid keeps the grass dry and above any liquids. Collection tray holds up to one gallon of liquid allowing for multiple uses. Treated with an organic appeal that dogs instinctively want to tag with their scent. The odor-proof design is easy to clean, durable, portable and lightweight.
PET TRAINING FOR PETS: Perfect for owners who work long hours or live in apartments, and want to teach their pets. This bathroom rug simplifies the process by giving your pets a place to relieve themselves indoors. Helps train your pup to use the bathroom toilet pad and avoid messes.


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